Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Muthu's Curry @ Dempsey Hill

Had a great weekend checking out The Entertainer App. Decided to try out Muthu's Curry at Dempsey. What a chilled out spot. It was just nice to sit outside with a Lassi and Wine. The atmosphere was great and we enjoyed nibbling on our Poppadoms and watching the world pass us by.

Check out our pics and a quick caption on what was going on.

Lassi and Wine to kick off the evening Perfect Weekend activity. The Lassi was very refreshing and a real treat.

Poppadoms; nice and salty, to get the taste buds going. Nice and crispy but eat them fast! The humidity will make them stale!

We had the Butter Chicken. It was very creamy and had some good spice in it. This really woke up the senses. Very decent amount of Chicken in the served portion; large pieces too, so very generous. Here we've already nested it on top of some fluffy Rice and were given some Vegetable sides; Cabbage and Aubergine, to enjoy.

We also had some Mutton stir fried in hot Chilli and Garlic. This was super hot and probably one of the hottest dishes on the menu. The seasoning was so generous that it gave the Mutton a nice dark coating; even in this picture you can see how dark it is. Very delicious but have that drink or ice water handy!

A close up of the Mutton in all its stir fried glory. Spicy and satisfying. Loved the pieces of Cashew Nuts that were stirred through it.

A quick shot of the fluffy Rice and Butter Chicken when it was served.

Muthu's Curry was great and we would definitely go back. It is a nice quiet setting and isn't pretentious at all. Great value with The Entertainer app too.

Where is your favourite place to go for an Indian meal around where you live?

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Muthu's Curry - Dempsey Hill
Blk 7 Dempsey Road
#01-01 S (249671)
Phone: 6474 5128
Lunch: 11.30 AM TO 3 PM
Dinner: 6 PM to 10 PM

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Quick little post - A new Bar and a disappearing Food Centre

Post by @SGVekNZ

I recently had a great catch up with my good buddy G in the weekend. The girls were away so we decided to hang out, chat a bit and enjoy some Pints and food. 

The Bar of choice was 1925 on Jalan Besar. They've only been open a month or so and were crafting their own 2 Beers. 1925 is a nice looking place, dim lighting and with a retro feel. The techno kinda swing music added to it and the staff were pretty friendly and attentive. 

1925's 2 craft Beers weren't available for purchase yet but they did allow free tastings of both the Pale and Dark ones (don't think they've named them yet). G and I didn't hesitate to have a tasting.

"Black and White"

The Beers were still very young and needed more time to mature. A character and distinctive taste were missing and the Hops were barely recognised by the taste buds. 

The Dark one however; G and I agreed had potential if given another 2 - 3 weeks. We're excited to go back and try it again and see how it has developed. 

We also tried some of their Starters from the food menu which were good for sharing. 

The BBQed Chicken Wings had a great tangy sweet sauce on them. The Wings themselves needed another 5 minutes or so on the BBQ to bring out the grilled taste. The sauce was good though.

Chicken Wings with a touch of Sesame

The Wasabi Fries were good; and if you needed an extra Wasabi hit, a side of Wasabi Mayo was provided. 

Wasabi Fries and Wasabi Dip

Then there was the lure of Pork. Being blokes, we couldn't resist Pork Belly. Like the Chicken Wings, great sauce but the Pork itself also needed more time on the grill. The skin wasn't crispy too so a bit of a shame.

Pork Belly with a nice Sauce

Overall though, it was a good experience with the food and it was good to see the staff acknowledge our feedback. They looked eager to improve given how new the place is. 

Will be keen to go back to try the Beers and see how 1925 is going.

Well; you'll probably recall we only had Starters at 1925, so it would be rude not to go to the Hawker Centre across the road for more tasty morsels :) I was pretty excited as I've never been to Lavender Food Square Centre before. 

This place really stuck in my mind because G mentioned that they were going to knock it down soon to build a condo. Really sad; being my first time there, the food was very good!

We were still thirsty; so first things first, the Tigers had to be done :)

Add Tiger to complete the chillout

We then ordered 3 dishes to share.

The Chilli Lala was very good and a decent serving. We thought the Chilli sauce was a bit sweet but after adding that little bit of acidicity with the Lime, the flavour really grew on us. It was delicious. 

Chilli Lala; love the name :)

We also had Carrot Cake; it was excellent. The Uncle appeared to have put in some small diced pickled vegetables into the Carrot Cake as well. It made it extra tasty! 

Fave dish of the night; Carrot Cake

And finally; only because we were talking about it earlier on in the evening; Oyster Omelette. It had to be done as G noticed I kept eyeing up the stall to make sure they weren't closing! I just didn't want to miss out.

The Oysters were of a decent size; generous on the serving, and the Egg and Starch was crispy on one side whilst moist in the center. It was pretty nom. 

A good crisp on the Oyster Omelette

All in all a fantastic way to chit chat and end the night. 

Really keen to try the other food stalls  there too, just can't believe they're going to knock it down to build a condo. I'll have to try and squeeze in more visits before that happens. What a real shame and loss it'll be when it is gone. 

Get here if you like the comfort foods and see what you think. 

Anyone been to Lavender Food Square Centre before? 

So there we have it, 2 great places visited in one night and very satisfying on the taste buds with some good food. Will definitely make our way back there again; both places, for another chillout session.

Have you visited any new places in your home town recently?


Auspicious Banana
@SGVekNZ (find me on Twitter) 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Eat All The Curry! The Inaugural My Curry Rulz Cook-Off

We had a My Curry Rulz cook-off about a couple of months ago. Here is a picture blog showing what went down.

To recap:
  • There were 12 people in attendance, with 6 who cooked different curry dishes.
  • There were no set rules prior to the event
  • We ended up putting 6 names on paper. The people who didn't cook drew the names out of a hat to decide the order of the tasting (as in the order of the pictures below).

1.  K's curry. A dry Chicken Rendang with Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Ginger, various other spices and a splash of coconut milk.

2.  L made two curry dishes
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry with Lemongrass and Aubergines (her official entry)
  • Chicken dish with Mushrooms and loads of Ginger for those who didn't like spicy food.

3.  J's curry.  Traditional Singaporean Chicken Curry with Potatoes.

4.  D's Curry.  Chicken Thai Penang, topped with sliced Red Chilli, Thai Basil Leaves and Sliced Kaffir Lime Leaves and drizzled with Coconut Cream.

5.  G went way out of his way to impress. He made four curries and a sambal.

  • Seafood Curry, which was full of Prawns, Squid and Fish (his official entry)
  • Cashew Nut and Pea Curry
  • Sri Lankan Dhal
  • Beetroot Curry (which was surprisingly yummy)
  • Sambal

6.  Last but no least, M's curry. He also had two entries.

Last contestant was M, and he also had two entries!
  • Pork Amok (which we nicknamed Ang Mo Pok Amok)
  • North Indian Chicken Curry (his official entry)

The winner of My Curry Rulz was L, with her delicious Thai Green Chicken Curry. This was her prize:

Can't wait until the next 'My Curry Rulz' cook-off!!!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

GastroSmiths (formerly The Humble Loaf)

You may remember The Humble Loaf, a small bakery, tucked near the back of Katong Shopping Mall, which ceased its operations on 30 April 2014.

They have some good news!

This update from The Humble Loaf's Facebook page:

A space at Beach Road/Bugis has been secured. Not exactly in the East, but not that far off either!(Peace.) Full Address to be announced soon.

There will be a name change, because the new place will be more than a sandwich place and The Humble Loaf may be an inappropriate name in the long run.

We are currently in our R&D /set-up phase and there are more things to be confirmed. Meanwhile, we have a little information about the new place to share.
  • In addition to sandwiches and coffee, we are now able to offer stews, soups, steak, pasta, roast, ice cream and great pastries.
  • It seats 50.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • There are both air conditioned and outdoor seats.
  • We are getting wines and beers. (TBC)
  • Parking is sufficient, buses and trains are adjacent.

GastroSmiths will be opening its doors sometime in July 2014. Check out GastroSmiths' Facebook page for further updates.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sweet Tooth Calling - Honeymoon for the Tastebuds

Savoury meal done and it means that it's time for the best part of the meal...... Dessert! It isn't for everyone but when the sweet tooth comes a calling, sometimes you've gotta comply.

On this occasion, it was decided that one should step outside the usual Desserts and grab some Asian inspired sweets. The Honeymoon Dessert stall beckoned and I responded. 

The menu was pretty extensive so it was hard to decide. It was a variety of sweet Soups, Pancakes and Ice Cream.

The choices were made!

Started off with the Banana Pancake. 

Pretty yummy, not too sweet. The Pancake was nice and thin with a chewy texture. On the inside Cream and Banana :) My biggest wish was that it was real Cream not the "mock" stuff.

Then there was Mango Pudding with Sago (little Gelatinous beads) and Pomelo. 

This was the fave, very yummy with real Mango pieces. The Pomelo adds to it; a bit of acidity, it was very good. Again not too sweet.  This one, I could eat all day :) It is served cold.

Next up; yup there's more, was the Vanilla Sauce with Thai Black Rice Pudding and Durian Ice Cream.

When there is Durian involved, it'll most certainly be an acquired taste. The Thai Pudding was nice, giving the Dessert a "chewy" texture due to the Rice. The Durian was of average quality but still has a strong distinctive taste. There wasn't too much of a smell. It was pretty good with the sauce as well. The Vanilla made it less "pungent". In the end though, the 3 were meant to be mixed so scoop some Rice pudding, some mashed Durian, dip in the sauce and eat. It actually works :) As mentioned, it is an acquired taste so give it a try if you're feeling adventurous. I didn't mind it at all. The Dessert is served cold, as there is Ice shavings in the Vanilla sauce.

There are some special Desserts as well which are brand new. If you pay Honeymoon Dessert a visit, look out for these new additions.

Honeymoon Dessert is worth a try. With such an extensive menu there must surely be something for everyone; hot or cold. 

The branch I went to is at I12 Katong. 

Have you tried any Asian Desserts and did you like it? 


Auspicious Banana
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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Weeked in Pictures - including a Tweetup

Our weekend started off with pink skies, followed by Fried Calamari, Pizzas, Virgin Mojitos and Custard Apple for dessert.

Dinner on Saturday night was at our favourite restaurant, we had tofu with gravy and egg and squid rings and prawns, Emerald Kai Lan (or Fried Kai Lan) and Sambal Stingray.

We went to a tweetup on Sunday, down by the Singapore River.

And finished off the night with a Tempura Udon from one of the restaurant down in the basement of Liang Court.